Meet The Board



Jennifer Fisher

Years Quilting: 4 years

Solids or Prints: Solids

Favorite Fabric Designer: I love the color selection and availability of Kona solids 

Machine or Hand Quilting: Machine

Fun Fact: I ALWAYS underestimate how long it will take to complete one of my "projects"

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Vice President

Kristen MacCartney

Years Quilting: 3+ years

Solids or Prints: Started with prints, learning about solids; mostly, scrappy. 

Favorite Fabric Designer: Kona, Zen Chic, Cotton & Steel

Machine or Hand Quilting: Machine, except binding. 

Fun Fact: Quilting intimidated me, until I realized imperfect is perfectly good. 

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Lorna Wood

Years Quilting: 8 (but I’ve sewn since I was a kid)

Solids or Prints: Prints

Favorite Fabric Designer:  Anna Maria Horner 

Machine or Hand Quilting: Machine

Fun Fact: My first sewing memory is making a red dress for my Mandy doll with my mom when I was 4 or 5.

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Sewing Studio


Debbie Janson

Years Quilting: Officially 5 years / Unofficially 15 years - but I've been sewing since I was a  young teenager

Solids or Prints: Both

Favorite Fabric Designer:  None

Machine or Hand Quilting:  Machine

Fun Fact: Retired Grandmother that always has multiple craft projects going at one time

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Member at Large

Amanda Klesmith

Years Quilting: 8 years

Solids or Prints: Solids

Favorite Fabric Designer: Elizabeth Hartman 

Machine or Hand Quilting: Machine quilt

Fun Fact: Aerospace engineer by day!

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