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April 2022 Meeting Recap

Favorite "notions"

We had a great time sharing our favorite "notions" Many turned out to be creative uses for non-sewing items. There were lots of great tips for using them too.

The Unwanted Fabric Challenge

We all brought a piece of fabric that we no longer wanted, or knew we would not use and placed it in the bag. Then we blindly drew fabric and an optional challenge color. It was a lot of fun hearing about how we all ended up with the fabric we were happy to part with.

I can hardly wait to see

what everyone has

made with their

selections at the

June meeting!

It was a great Show & Tell as always!

Several members brought pieces they made in the David Owen Hastings workshop last month. One new returning member brought a quilt that started way back in 2015 as a guild round-robin - finally completed - Yay. All of our HART Quilt blocks are in - can't wait to see them all put together.

Next month Geeky Bobbin over Zoom

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